Introducing Phoebe (AKA Phoe-bot)


Introducing Phoebe (AKA Phoe-bot)

Hi, have you met Phoebe? She’s new.

She snuck under the radar a bit, but while we were out raising funds at the Bournemouth Marathon Festival, Phoebe let herself in and really made Facebook Messenger her home.

(Artist’s impression of Phoebe)

If you don’t know what a chatbot is, they’re kind of like a real person but flashier. In many ways, chatbots are actually better than real people because they can reply to your messages instantly. Even if it’s 1am and everyone else is fast asleep.

Next time you’re on Facebook scrolling through meme after meme and suddenly have a burning question, pop Phoebe a message and see what she has to say.

She’s super friendly and can help with anything from updating you on your application to how you can make repayments.

Click here to see for yourself.

All hail our new robot masters.

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