What is Video Selfie ID, How Do You Send It, and Why?


What is Video Selfie ID, How Do You Send It, and Why?

Video selfies are a quick and simple way to confirm you’re really you before we pay out your loan. It only takes a few seconds and that’s it - you’re up and running.

Keeping everyone safe - from your mum to your neighbour’s dog

The last thing anyone needs is extra hassle, so we do most of the work on your loan application for you behind the scenes. That includes our security checks - all the little cogs and gears constantly turning to keep everyone protected.

One of these checks is essentially making sure everyone is who they say they are. Otherwise we could have all sorts of problems, like people applying for a loan on behalf of their mum or in the name of the neighbour’s dog.

There’s a number of ways we’ll verify someone’s identity, but if there’s any spanners in the works, there’s one fool-proof plan that even the trickiest of would-be fraudsters can’t get around - sending us a selfie. Because no one looks more like you than you, right? 

Sending a video selfie feels a bit weird...

Back in the day, when everything from loan applications to opening a bank account was done face to face, verifying someone’s identity was easy. You just had to look at them! But when these things started moving online, it became a whole lot harder.

As a digital company, we needed another way of checking. And as it just takes a few seconds to complete, sending a video selfie was the perfect solution.

We know that sending a video selfie can feel a bit weird, but it’s actually become pretty common these days. If you’ve recently opened a bank account with Monzo or Starling then you’ll already know the process. Your video selfie is secure and will only be used to confirm your identity - nothing else.

So how do you take a video selfie?

To make a video selfie, you just need to follow three really simple steps:

  • Hold up your photo ID (passport or driving licence);
  • Start recording on your phone;
  • Confirm your name, your date of birth, and your postcode.

It’s incredibly easy and lets us know that you really are you.

Once you have your short clip saved, email it over to [email protected] and that’s the job done.

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