Amigo plays an important role in the lives of our customers and as we grow, we are able to help more and more people. Amigo is a truly unique place and not just another business which simply says it does things differently. The culture is special and you can`t help but feel motivated by the sense of ownership among teams and individuals.

Our people care deeply about the business - it is ours to take pride in and help succeed. The atmosphere is unlike most financial organisations; it’s energetic, exciting and fast moving yet professional, humble and grounded. Amigo has managed to retain its entrepreneurial essence while benefiting from the experience gathered from providing guarantor loans for over 14 years.

Our people are our greatest asset. That is why we go the extra mile to make sure our employees work in the best environment, with the greatest support, and have all the tools they need to go above and beyond, whilst embodying our core values. We believe that engaged employees are key to our success and the key to ensuring that our customers are at the heart of what we do.

We are committed to making sure we have the right skills and capabilities in our workforce and our talent strategy is to grow talent from within as well as bring in great capabilities.

Amigo understands the importance of having flexible options available to all employees to both attract and retain great talent. We continue to improve our employee proposition and policies to appeal to a diverse range of candidates, including all age demographics, to support talent diversity. Given Amigo’s size, communication is both agile and interactive. We foster a culture where employees feel confident raising issues, challenging ideas and being able to influence decisions.

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