Topping up?

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If you’ve borrowed from us before, you’ll already know our loans are quick, simple and stress-free. So if you’re eligible for a top up and ever need a helping hand - whether it’s for an emergency repair or a new car - you know we’ve got your back.

What is a top up loan?

If you’re an existing customer, a top up is a simple way to borrow more in a time of need. 

The top up itself is a new loan. We’ll use a share of this new loan to settle your current one (meaning you only have one loan at a time), and then we’ll pay out the rest.

For example, let’s say you already have a loan with a current balance of £2,000. If you borrowed a top up of £5,000, we’ll use £2,000 of this to pay off your old loan and then we’ll pay you the £3,000 left over. The new loan is for £5,000, but we’ve already used some of the funds to clear your existing balance.

Remember, you need to choose a top up amount that will clear your existing balance AND leave you with enough money to cover what you need the loan for. The new loan will also need to be suitable for your guarantor in case they need to make any repayments on your behalf.

Don’t know what your current balance is? Either login to your online account, download our free App: and login, or text the word ‘STATEMENT’ to 07595553371.

Am I eligible to top up?

To check if you can apply for a top up, you can either:

  1. Text ‘TOP UP’ to 07595553371 from the mobile number linked with your Amigo Loans account. If you’re eligible, we’ll send you a link to apply.
  2. Log in to your online account. Once you’re in, we’ll let you know if you can apply for a top up loan.

If your loan is up to date and you’ve not had any issues maintaining your payments on time, you could be able to apply for a top up. Just bear in mind, it’s down to your individual circumstances and we can’t guarantee if you’ll be eligible.

How do I apply for a top up?

Applying for a top up is as simple as applying for your first loan. To make your application for a top up, you can:

  1. Check your online account to see if you're eligible. If you are, click on the top up button to make an application.
  2. Follow one of the links we’ll have sent to you if you’re eligible to apply. This will take you straight to the application process.

We’ll need to make sure the payments are affordable for both you and your guarantor, and possibly speak with you over the phone if there’s anything we need to double check. If you want any more information on the application process, you can check out our guide here.


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Can I change my guarantor with a top up?

Your top up is a brand new loan, so it’s up to you if you choose to use a new guarantor or your previous one.

Either way, your guarantor will need to meet our criteria:

  • Be aged 18-75
  • Have a UK address
  • Be a homeowner, or have a strong credit score with a history of paying their bills on time
  • Be able to afford the monthly payments if you didn’t pay

Click here for our guide on who could be your guarantor.

Do you contact a guarantor for a top up?

We’ll need to contact your guarantor once they’ve completed their side of the application. A top up is a new loan agreement with different terms, so we need to make sure this is suitable for your guarantor before the loan gets paid out.

We’ll ask both you and your guarantor to complete a new online budget plan to see if the new payments are comfortably affordable. Once done, we’ll also give your guarantor a quick call to confirm their details, check they’re happy with the top up loan and arrange paying out the money. Basically, making sure that standing guarantor is right for them.

Can I have a new loan instead of a top up?

You can only have one loan with Amigo at any one time. This means you’ll need to settle your existing loan and reapply, or apply for a top up when and if you become eligible.

Basically, a top up is a new loan, just with a share of the funds being used to settle your previous balance. You can still apply for however much you need - you just need to make sure the top up is enough to clear your existing balance AND cover what you need the new loan for.

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