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What does 'Amigo who will guarantee your loan' mean?

It means a friend who trusts you enough to be a guarantor for your loan.

Representative 49.9% APR (variable)

Thousands of people are turned down for loans every day because a credit score says that they can't be trusted. We know in most cases this simply isn't true, so we based our loans on friendship and trust. We believe that friends and family know each other better than a number ever could. If they trust you and will be your guarantor, we'll trust you too.

A guarantor needs to be 18-75 and not have had problems in the past. They pay the loan back for you if you can't, so they need to be able to comfortably pay the monthly repayments to the loan without having any problems living their normal monthly life.

If your guarantor is a homeowner, then this will mean that we'll be more likely to be able to accept them as a guarantor, and so it's always better to ask a homeowner first if you can.