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The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, 29 Nov 2017 - How to save time and money

The Daily Mail covers various smart ways to get your finances sorted to save both time and money.

The Sun

The Sun, 25 Feb 2017 - How checking your credit score can leave you in the red

Many companies offering credit monitoring services take advantage of people by luring people in with the promise of a "free" credit score check without fully detailing the hidden fees that kick in after their trial is over.
The Express

The Express, 21 Nov 2016 - Do YOU know when firms credit check you?

THOUSANDS of Britons are totally unaware when firms search their financial history and potentially impact access to future credit, according to research from Amigo.


FEMALE FIRST, 24 Aug 2016 - A wedding day IS all about the bride

We're all familiar with the 'Bridezilla' - the nightmare bride-to-be, but where do women stand when it comes to holding the purse strings.

Mail On Sunday

Mail On Sunday, 07 Mar 2015 - Don't Count on your Home as a Cash Machine

The Mail on Sunday looks at alternative ways to release cash if you can't borrow on your home. It features Amigo customer Victoria Phillips who used an Amigo Loan to fund her business venture.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 23 May 2014 - Payday danger of easy money

Amigo commissioned some exclusive research for The Mirror which looks at the worrying use of Payday loans by young people.

The Express

The Express, 23 Feb 2014 - Repair a damaged profile

Amigo Loans is offered as good alternative to payday loans, while also helping to rebuild a person's credit score.

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times, 15 Sep 2013 - Sign on the dotted line please, Mum

The Sunday Times looks at Amigo Loans and features Lindsay, one if its customers, who borrowed money to start her hairdressing business.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, 21 Aug 2013 - People use Payday unaware of alterative credit

The Daily Mail features research from Amigo Loan which reveals people don't know where to turn to if their bank says no. Features Daniel who turned to Amigo after falling into the payday debt trap.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 15 Aug 2013 - The Debts Dilemma

Tricia Phillips covers Amigo Loans' research which reveals a quarter of Brits have been turned down by their bank for loans, and half of those who struggling to get access to credit believe its down to their credit score.

Bournemouth Echo

Bournemouth Echo, 14 Aug 2013 - It's Super Nova as office finally filled

The Bournemouth Echo covers the move of the Amigo Loans' HQ, to the Nova building in the centre of Bournemouth, that had previously laid empty for 4 years

Bournemouth Echo

Bournemouth Echo, 13 Aug 2013 - A Payday Mayday

James Benamor is interviewed by The Bournemouth Echo, in which he calls for greater awareness and education among consumers about the alternatives to payday.

Hairdressers Journal International

Hairdressers Journal International, 02 Aug 2013 - Small Businesses Need Funds

A piece which looks at Amigo's research around microbusinesses lack of ability to grow due to not being able to access credit.

Ashby Times

Ashby Times, 07 Jun 2013 - Parents happy to be guarantors

A news piece featuring Amigo Loan's research which shows parents are happy to be guarantors for their grown up children, to give them financial independence.

Start Your Business

Start Your Business, 01 May 2013 - Funding options Microbusinesses need

A feature by James Benamor, CEO of Amigo Loans, which looks at the funding options Microbusinesses need and why Amigo is a good option.

Mortgage Introducer

Mortgage Introducer, 30 Apr 2013 - Budding business owners turn to payday loans

Britain's with aspirations of setting up their own business are being held back by the lack of funding for their start up ambitions, research from Amigo Loans reveals.

The Sun

The Sun, 13 Mar 2013 - Firms go it a loan

The Sun covers research from Amigo Loans which identifies the number of microbusinesses that resort to payday loans because the banks won’t lend to them.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 13 Mar 2013 - Banks fail to aid start-ups

The Mirror features Amigo Loans' research regarding funding options for microbusinesses, with comment from James Benamor who calls for a greater awareness of the alternative funding options such as guarantor loans.

Credit Today

Credit Today, 11 Mar 2013 - Finalists revealed for Credit Today Awards 2013

Amigo Loans is announced as a finalist in a major industry award scheme. It has made the finals in three categories; Alternative Lender of the Year, Responsible Lender of the Year and Treating Customers Fairly.

The Times

The Times, 07 Mar 2013 - Business faces UK credit quandary

Joe McGrath looks at the issue of small businesses finding credit hard to come by from traditional sources. The piece highlights Amigo Loans as one of the alternatives, with additional comments from James Benamor.


moneymarketuk, 02 Mar 2013 - A cheaper alternative to Payday loans 

This article looks at the rise of the guarantor loan, featuring Amigo Loans as a more sensible and financially palatable option than payday loans.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 13 Feb 2013 - Credit Where It's Due

A compelling article, which features Amigo Loans customer Jonathan Barker, who is now successfully running his own business thanks to an Amigo Loan. It highlights the benefits of guarantor loans, particularly Amigo Loans, for people with less than perfect credit files and as a welcome alternative to payday loans.

Credit Today

Credit Today, 01 Feb 2013 - The Loan Ranger

James Benamor, chief executive of Amigo Loans, explains why consumers are embracing a return to more traditional approaches to lending.

Financial Reporter

Financial Reporter, 23 Jan 2013 - Amigo Loans scoops Personal Finance Innovation Award

Bournemouth based guarantor lender, Amigo Loans, has won the Personal Finance Innovation category in Moneynet’s Personal Finance Awards 2013. The third annual awards of its kind, recognises the top personal finance providers and products from the last twelve months. Other winners this year include Funding Circle, Co-operative Bank and Post Office.

The Sun

The Sun, 14 Jan 2013 - Rate ‘con on loans’

The Sun covers Amigo Loan’s research, which reveals the payday loan sites that are duping customers by advertising false APRs.

The Scotsman

The Scotsman, 08 Dec 2012 - Credit cards are hard to come by, especially if you have previously missed payments

Jeff Salway looks at the borrowing options for people with a less than perfect credit history. He suggests people don't need to turn to payday loans, with better options such as Amigo Loans available Jeff points out the flexibility of an Amigo Loan and the benefits it can bring in rebuilding a person's credit score.

Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland, 10 Nov 2012 - Some saver sites endorse payday loans

An article exploring the dangers of sites advertising payday, with comment from James Benamor, CEO of Amigo Loans, who points out the sneaky fees banks use to rack up the cost of loans and calls for the return to the old-fashioned approach to lending.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 07 Nov 2012 - Who'll Deliver?

The Mirror features Amigo Loans as an option for microbusinesses looking for finance.

Fresh Business Thinking

Fresh Business Thinking, 22 Oct 2012 - Lack of lending down to banks

In a piece which looks at the demise of lending from UK banks to consumers, James Benamor, CEO of Amigo Loans, reminds banks why they were formed in the first place; to allow good people to borrow and repay money.


MSN, 05 Sep 2012 - One in five 'give up on dream job'

Amigo Loans research reveals young people are giving up on dream jobs or hopes of being an entrepreneur because they can’t access the money they need.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph, 12 Jul 2012 - Payday loans could cost you a mortgage

A news piece that warns consumers on the dangers payday loans can have on credit ratings and obtaining mortgages, with comment from James Benamor urging people to look at the alternatives.

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