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The Sun

The Sun, 16 Apr 2018 - Proud mum Carolyn hugs baby Kayleigh – born thanks to a £10,000 loan after 23 years of trying

The Sun features Carolyn and Mick's amazing Amigo and IVF story.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, 16 Apr 2018 - The baby bought on borrowed cash! Overjoyed parents welcome 'miracle' daughter after taking out £10,000 loan to fund final IVF attempt

The Daily Mail covers the story of Carolyn and Mick who used their Amigo Loan to fund their 6th IVF attempt, which was a success! The couple introduce their daughter and say how overwhelmed they were when Amigo gave them an extra surprise...

The Mirror

The Mirror, 22 Jan 2018 - 10 purchases you probably don't know you're being credit checked for

Have you been rejected for a mortgage or even just a mobile phone upgrade? This could be why


Moneynet, 15 Jan 2018 - 26 million may be at risk from not checking their credit rating

Millions of people are risking their financial future by not checking their credit score, according to Amigo Loans., 10 Jan 2018 - Amigo’s Award-Winning Guarantor Loans Help UK Residents Get the Financing They Need experts share their tips and advice daily, helping consumers navigate the world of personal finance, In this article analyse Amigo Loans.
The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, 29 Nov 2017 - How to save time and money

The Daily Mail covers various smart ways to get your finances sorted to save both time and money.


Aol, 28 Aug 2017 - How to boost your credit rating to get the loan you want

If you're struggling to get hold of credit, find out how to increase your chances of getting accepted
The Mirror

The Mirror, 02 Aug 2017 - The most expensive areas in the UK to get married - and the places that cost just half the price

Getting hitched is no cheap commitment - with flowers and food alone costing thousands of pounds, then you've got to factor in the fizz and venue - but there are some cities where you don't have to pay over the odds.
The Sun

The Sun, 25 Feb 2017 - How checking your credit score can leave you in the red

Many companies offering credit monitoring services take advantage of people by luring people in with the promise of a "free" credit score check without fully detailing the hidden fees that kick in after their trial is over.
The Mirror

The Mirror, 08 Feb 2017 - What do the banks see when they take a look at your credit record?

You may think your finances are in good shape, but far too many of us have never checked our credit record and don’t know how to go about it - and it could cost you thousands. This article goes into depth regarding your credit score.
The Mirror

The Mirror, 04 Jan 2017 - Brits risk being rejected for mortgages because of credit file errors

20 MILLION brits are at risk of being rejected for a mortgage due to errors on their credit file, this artical explains what can be done to avoid being rejected.
The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, 24 Nov 2016 - Could your credit score stop you from renting? Landlords look at financial history above age, salary and job

The Daily Mail covers Amigo's story which warns people of the everday decisions that could impact their credit file

The Mirror

The Mirror, 23 Nov 2016 - The 3 digits that define your life - 10 financial transactions you probably DON'T know you're being credit checked for

Covering Amigo's research which has uncovered how thousands of Brits across the UK are completely unaware that they are being judged when it comes to overdraft extensions, paying household bills, and even renting a flat.

The Express

The Express, 21 Nov 2016 - Do YOU know when firms credit check you?

THOUSANDS of Britons are totally unaware when firms search their financial history and potentially impact access to future credit, according to research from Amigo.

Scotland B2B

Scotland B2B, 01 Nov 2016 - Bank Referral Scheme opens up alternative finance options

Amigo comments on the new bank referral scheme for small businesses looking for funding, and reveals just one in 10 were able to secure a loan from the bank in their first year of trading.

Mail On Sunday

Mail On Sunday, 09 Oct 2016 - All you need to know about your credit file before it's too late

The Mail on Sunday goes into detail about your credit file and what you need to know about it.

FEMALE FIRST, 24 Aug 2016 - A wedding day IS all about the bride

We're all familiar with the 'Bridezilla' - the nightmare bride-to-be, but where do women stand when it comes to holding the purse strings.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 18 Aug 2016 - Without mum, I would never have got credit

'Without mum, I would never have got credit' – the risks and rewards in helping people get a loan


lovemoney, 09 Aug 2016 - Universities offering two for one and money off deals on degree courses

Amigo says that those who went to university are 10% more likely to be rejected for a mortgage because of poor credit history than applicants who just have A-levels.


BT, 09 Aug 2016 - These universities offer two for one degree courses and more

Amigo claim that graduates are more likely to get rejected for a mortgage due to a poor credit score than non-graduates.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 08 Aug 2016 - Going to university could make you poor forever

In the final blow for graduates, a report from loan company Amigo claimed graduates are more likely to get rejected for a mortgage.


MoneyFacts, 02 Aug 2016 - Don't let uni jeopardise your home-buying chances

New research from Amigo found that more than 16,000 people were unable to get on the property ladder last year due to their poor credit score.

The Express

The Express, 01 Aug 2016 - If you went to university you'll find it HARDER to buy a house

UNIVERSITY debts are destroying graduates' chances of buying a home later in life, research suggests.


Yours, 29 Jul 2016 - What advice would you hand down to your grandchildren?

From relationships to healthy habits, we all have pieces of advice we want to hand down to our grandchildren.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, 17 Jul 2016 - Over 50s reveal the top life tips they would give to their younger selves

Learn to love your looks, never smoke, and put family first: Over 50s reveal the top life tips they would give to their younger selves

The Sun

The Sun, 15 Jul 2016 - 30 things the over 50s wish they'd known when they were younger

Parents and grandparents reveal the advice they would follow if they could turn back the clock


FEMALE FIRST, 15 Jul 2016 - 28 pieces of advice from the over 50s for younger couples

The over 50s have a message to younger couples- so take heed and you won't be making one of these lists when you hit the same age.

The Express

The Express, 15 Jul 2016 - Pearls of Wisdom from the Over-50s

Look after your teeth, vote and don't smoke... pearls of wisdom from the over-50s

The Express

The Express, 15 Jul 2016 - Things we wish we'd known when we were young - Britain's over-50s reveal their life lessons

Read more books, don't cheat, always vote and don't be a know-it-all are just some of the pearls of wisdom passed down from the older generation

The Mirror

The Mirror, 30 Jun 2016 - This simple trick can save £3,600 on your wedding

This simple trick can save £3,600 on your wedding - and you don't have to change a thing

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, 30 Jun 2016 - The wedding day rip-off: Venues, caterers and DJs hike their prices by up to two-thirds

Daily Mail article describes how venues, caterers and DJs hike their prices by up to two-thirds for your wedding day

The Sun

The Sun, 28 Jun 2016 - The secret 'wedding tax' venues and event planners add to the cost of YOUR big day

The Sun reports Amigo's findings on the secret wedding tax venues and event planners add to the cost of YOUR big day

Mail On Sunday

Mail On Sunday, 06 Mar 2016 - How to boost your credit score – before it’s too late

The Mail on Sunday features Amigo customer Amy, who was able to rebuild her credit file using an Amigo Loan.

The Sun

The Sun, 13 Dec 2015 - Citizens Advice in Payday Mayday

The Sun recommends Amigo Loans and credit unions as alternatives to payday borrowing over the Christmas period.

The Express

The Express, 04 Dec 2015 - Phone bill shock: 0845 numbers cost Britons £714million a year

The Express covers Amigo's research which reveals how much Brits pay in hidden fees and charges every year.

Mindful Money

Mindful Money, 23 Nov 2015 - In Our Lifetime, We Dish Out 6,000 Hours Worth Of Advice

Marie Claire uses our research which reveals we dish out a lot of advice to our friends and family in our lifetime!

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times, 15 Mar 2015 - I went into debt to prove I could afford a mortgage

Amigo's CEO James offers his tips on improving your credit score in this piece which looks at how one journalist went into debt to secure her mortgage.

Mail On Sunday

Mail On Sunday, 07 Mar 2015 - Don't Count on your Home as a Cash Machine

The Mail on Sunday looks at alternative ways to release cash if you can't borrow on your home. It features Amigo customer Victoria Phillips who used an Amigo Loan to fund her business venture.


Closer, 18 Dec 2014 - My Life in Cash - I've Turned My Gifting into a Business

Woman's glossy magazine Closer features Amigo customer Victoria, whose gift business is thriving thanks to her Amigo loan.

The Independent

The Independent, 18 Dec 2014 - Ignore payday loans to better credit score

Many people don’t realise there are far cheaper ways to borrow money, even when your credit rating isn’t the best

The Independent

The Independent, 18 Dec 2014 - Brits are fed up of credit scoring and want banks to use a more common sense approach

Brits are fed up of credit scoring and want banks to use a more common sense approach.

The Mail on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday, 09 Dec 2014 - Why I am happy to guarantee my son will repay his loan

Article featuring Kath Saward who was happy to stand as a guarantor for her son Jordan's new business loan.

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times, 18 Jul 2014 - New Rivals Drive Down Personal Loan Rates

Article featuring research from Amigo Loans which reveals the truth around bank's hidden charges.

Your Money

Your Money, 18 Jul 2014 - Brits confused by early repayment fees

Your Money features Amigo research which reveals Brits are confused by the various charges made by banks in the UK.

The Sun

The Sun, 23 May 2014 - Amigo research reveals that lenders are snooping on customer FB accounts

Some lenders are sneaking a peek at your social media profiles

Mail On Sunday

Mail On Sunday, 23 May 2014 - Alternatives to payday loans when the bank says no

This article looks at alternatives to payday loans and where to go to when the bank says no. It features Amigo customer James who used an Amigo loan to help his business.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 23 May 2014 - Payday danger of easy money

Amigo commissioned some exclusive research for The Mirror which looks at the worrying use of Payday loans by young people.


moneymarketuk, 18 Mar 2014 - Could your social network profile affect your credit score?

An article which looks at lenders who might be using borrower's social network profiles to make lending decisions, with comment from Amigo CEO James Benamor, warning of its implications.

The Sun

The Sun, 16 Mar 2014 - I got 8 payday loans - not one firm checked I could afford it

The Sun covers Amigo's research into the poor practices of payday lenders.

Credit Today

Credit Today, 11 Mar 2014 - Payday firms accused of missing affordability checks

Credit Today covers Amigo's research which reveals payday lenders are ignoring affordability checks.

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times, 10 Mar 2014 - They give credit where it's due

Amigo Loans is named 13th best place to work in the UK.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, 06 Mar 2014 - Woman allowed to take out EIGHT payday loans at same time to run up £3,000 debt

The Daily Mail reports on an undercover piece of research by Amigo, which reveals the worrying lack of affordability checks by payday lenders. Amigo is calling for urgent enforcement of existing regulation.

The Express

The Express, 23 Feb 2014 - Repair a damaged profile

Amigo Loans is offered as good alternative to payday loans, while also helping to rebuild a person's credit score.

Your Money

Your Money, 16 Feb 2014 - Microbusinesses turn to payday loans for funding as faith in banks declines

YourMoney covers Amigo's research which reveals the UK's mircrobusinesses are turning to payday loans, after being shunned by their banks.

Mail On Sunday

Mail On Sunday, 16 Jan 2014 - Borrowing £500 over 1 year with Amigo is cheaper than borrowing £500 for 30 days with a payday provider.

How to shift your debts and pay less to borrow: From changing credit cards to moving your mortgage, you can cut back on costs.

The Sun

The Sun, 15 Jan 2014 - Research from Amigo Loans identifying the risk of 'supersize loans'.

The Sun features Amigo's research identifying the risk of 'supersize loans' with comments from James Benamor.

Your Money

Your Money, 16 Dec 2013 - Payday Loans - Cap will encourage borrowing

Amigo Loans research says a cap on payday providers might not be the solution to the problem and calls for better action on affordability.

Mindful Money

Mindful Money, 16 Dec 2013 - Lender says Government payday cap will encourage more borrowing

An article featuring Amigo's research on the payday lending cap.


Yahoo, 11 Dec 2013 - Three million turn to payday loans after being snubbed by banks

James Benamor comments on the requirement for greater education on the alternatives to payday.


Startups, 10 Dec 2013 - Start Small, start bad: Why it's good to suck when you start a business

James Benamor gives his advice to entrepreneurs starting in business.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 04 Dec 2013 - Avoid that festive financial hangover

A piece looking at the alternatives to payday at Christmas featuring Amigo Loans as good option.

Credit Today

Credit Today, 01 Dec 2013 - Blowing the whistle on high-cost credit

An article by James Benamor on why the industry needs to be doing more to tackle high-cost credit.

The Independent

The Independent, 29 Nov 2013 - Money Insider: Find a cheaper alternative to payday loans

Andrew Hagger gives his views on the best alternatives to payday loans, featuring Amigo.

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times, 15 Sep 2013 - Sign on the dotted line please, Mum

The Sunday Times looks at Amigo Loans and features Lindsay, one if its customers, who borrowed money to start her hairdressing business.


Which4u, 28 Aug 2013 - Many rejected for credit remain unaware of alternatives

An article which features Amigo Loans research which reveals 12 million people can't access credit from their banks.

The Observer

The Observer, 28 Aug 2013 - Rise in personal assets being used as collateral

The Observer looks at the alternative lending market with comments from James Benamor, Amigo Loans CEO.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, 21 Aug 2013 - People use Payday unaware of alterative credit

The Daily Mail features research from Amigo Loan which reveals people don't know where to turn to if their bank says no. Features Daniel who turned to Amigo after falling into the payday debt trap.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 15 Aug 2013 - The Debts Dilemma

Tricia Phillips covers Amigo Loans' research which reveals a quarter of Brits have been turned down by their bank for loans, and half of those who struggling to get access to credit believe its down to their credit score.

Bournemouth Echo

Bournemouth Echo, 14 Aug 2013 - It's Super Nova as office finally filled

The Bournemouth Echo covers the move of the Amigo Loans' HQ, to the Nova building in the centre of Bournemouth, that had previously laid empty for 4 years

Bournemouth Echo

Bournemouth Echo, 13 Aug 2013 - A Payday Mayday

James Benamor is interviewed by The Bournemouth Echo, in which he calls for greater awareness and education among consumers about the alternatives to payday.

The Times

The Times, 06 Aug 2013 - How to plan the perfect wedding on a budget

Tying the knot has become an expensive business, but there are ways to cut the costs of your big day.

Hairdressers Journal International

Hairdressers Journal International, 02 Aug 2013 - Small Businesses Need Funds

A piece which looks at Amigo's research around microbusinesses lack of ability to grow due to not being able to access credit.

Financial Reporter

Financial Reporter, 17 Jul 2013 - Amigo Loans Shortlisted for National Business Award

Amigo Loans has been shortlisted in the 'Growth Business of the Year' category for The National Business Awards.


Smallbusiness, 25 Jun 2013 - Looking for alternative funding to banks;

James Benamor, Amigo's CEO, writes about the funding issues small businesses face in today's tough environment.;
Investor Today

Investor Today, 12 Jun 2013 - 9 million parents want to help kids stand on own two feet

This article looks at Amigo Loans research, which reveals parents are keen for their children to manage their own finances and they are happy help by being a guarantor.

Ashby Times

Ashby Times, 07 Jun 2013 - Parents happy to be guarantors

A news piece featuring Amigo Loan's research which shows parents are happy to be guarantors for their grown up children, to give them financial independence.

Mortgage Introducer

Mortgage Introducer, 03 Jun 2013 - Nearly half of all parents happy to be guarantors

Mortgage Introducer covers the Amigo research which captures parental attitudes towards their children's financial situation and being a guarantor.

Financial Reporter

Financial Reporter, 28 May 2013 - Citizens Advice exposes payday lender failings

James Benamor, Amigo CEO, comments on the worrying impact of Payday lenders and calls for regulators to act urgently.

Start Your Business

Start Your Business, 01 May 2013 - Funding options Microbusinesses need

A feature by James Benamor, CEO of Amigo Loans, which looks at the funding options Microbusinesses need and why Amigo is a good option.

Fresh Business Thinking

Fresh Business Thinking, 30 Apr 2013 - Funding woes halt the aspirations of young entrepreneurs

An article looking at Amigo's research taken among aspiring entrepreneurs, looking at the difficulites small business owners face.

Mortgage Introducer

Mortgage Introducer, 30 Apr 2013 - Budding business owners turn to payday loans

Britain's with aspirations of setting up their own business are being held back by the lack of funding for their start up ambitions, research from Amigo Loans reveals.


Smallbusiness, 30 Apr 2013 - Difficulty of raising finance concerns Britain's would-be entrepreneurs

This business magazine looks at Amigo's research which reveals the tough time entrepreneurs have in raising finance.

The Independent

The Independent, 26 Apr 2013 - Money Insider: Cold-shoulder from the bank? Only consider payday loans as a last resort

The Independent recommends Amigo Loans as an alternative to Payday Loans for people who are given the cold shoulder from the banks.

City AM

City AM, 26 Apr 2013 - Will the extension of Funding for Lending improve access to finance for UK business?

In this head-to-head with John Cridland CBE, director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, James Benamor, Amigo's CEO argues that the Funding for Lending scheme isn't doing enough for struggling businesses.

EN for business

EN for business, 14 Mar 2013 - Micro-businesses “resorting to payday loans“

One in six micro-business owners have used payday loans to fund their ventures, new research shows.

Fresh Business Thinking

Fresh Business Thinking, 13 Mar 2013 - Banks Slam Their Doors on UK Entrepreneurs

A look at the research from Amigo Loans which identifies just 20% of micro-businesses were funded through a bank loan.

The Sun

The Sun, 13 Mar 2013 - Firms go it a loan

The Sun covers research from Amigo Loans which identifies the number of microbusinesses that resort to payday loans because the banks won’t lend to them.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 13 Mar 2013 - Banks fail to aid start-ups

The Mirror features Amigo Loans' research regarding funding options for microbusinesses, with comment from James Benamor who calls for a greater awareness of the alternative funding options such as guarantor loans.

Credit Today

Credit Today, 11 Mar 2013 - Finalists revealed for Credit Today Awards 2013

Amigo Loans is announced as a finalist in a major industry award scheme. It has made the finals in three categories; Alternative Lender of the Year, Responsible Lender of the Year and Treating Customers Fairly.

The Express

The Express, 10 Mar 2013 - Beware of Borrowing - Five Minute Guide to Payday Loans

Esther Shaw examines payday loans, pointing out their pitfalls and suggesting Amigo Loans as a safer, better option.

The Times

The Times, 07 Mar 2013 - Business faces UK credit quandary

Joe McGrath looks at the issue of small businesses finding credit hard to come by from traditional sources. The piece highlights Amigo Loans as one of the alternatives, with additional comments from James Benamor.


moneymarketuk, 02 Mar 2013 - A cheaper alternative to Payday loans

This article looks at the rise of the guarantor loan, featuring Amigo Loans as a more sensible and financially palatable option than payday loans.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 13 Feb 2013 - Credit Where It's Due

A compelling article, which features Amigo Loans customer Jonathan Barker, who is now successfully running his own business thanks to an Amigo Loan. It highlights the benefits of guarantor loans, particularly Amigo Loans, for people with less than perfect credit files and as a welcome alternative to payday loans.

Credit Today

Credit Today, 01 Feb 2013 - The Loan Ranger

James Benamor, chief executive of Amigo Loans, explains why consumers are embracing a return to more traditional approaches to lending.

Financial Reporter

Financial Reporter, 23 Jan 2013 - Amigo Loans scoops Personal Finance Innovation Award

Bournemouth based guarantor lender, Amigo Loans, has won the Personal Finance Innovation category in Moneynet’s Personal Finance Awards 2013. The third annual awards of its kind, recognises the top personal finance providers and products from the last twelve months. Other winners this year include Funding Circle, Co-operative Bank and Post Office.

The Sun

The Sun, 14 Jan 2013 - Rate ‘con on loans’

The Sun covers Amigo Loan’s research, which reveals the payday loan sites that are duping customers by advertising false APRs.

The Independent

The Independent, 28 Dec 2012 - Money Insider: Turbulent ride looks as if it is far from over

Amigo Loans is cited as an example of one of 2012’s innovative financial products – a welcome reprise from the tired, bland one-size-fits-all models which just don't work any more.

The Scotsman

The Scotsman, 08 Dec 2012 - Credit cards are hard to come by, especially if you have previously missed payments

Jeff Salway looks at the borrowing options for people with a less than perfect credit history. He suggests people don't need to turn to payday loans, with better options such as Amigo Loans available Jeff points out the flexibility of an Amigo Loan and the benefits it can bring in rebuilding a person's credit score.

The Independent

The Independent, 30 Nov 2012 - Consider options before signing up for payday loan

Andrew Hagger looks at the alternatives to payday loans, citing Amigo Loans as a better option for those needing to borrow money.


FEMALE FIRST, 22 Nov 2012 - British parents are currently owed more than £13 billion - by their own kids, a study has revealed

Female first looks at Amigo Loan’s research, which suggests bad or non-existent credit scores means that more than a quarter of cash-strapped Brits have turned to their parents for a loan during the last 12 months.

Mail On Sunday

Mail On Sunday, 10 Nov 2012 - Boom in alternative credit and DIY lending could leave banks behind

An in-depth look at the boom in alternative lenders, featuring Amigo’s guarantor model, noting that it’s a good stepping-stone loan for those with poor credit histories. Also features Amigo customer, Jonathan Barker.

Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland, 10 Nov 2012 - Some saver sites endorse payday loans

An article exploring the dangers of sites advertising payday, with comment from James Benamor, CEO of Amigo Loans, who points out the sneaky fees banks use to rack up the cost of loans and calls for the return to the old-fashioned approach to lending.

The Mirror

The Mirror, 07 Nov 2012 - Who'll Deliver?

The Mirror features Amigo Loans as an option for microbusinesses looking for finance.


Yahoo, 24 Oct 2012 - The hidden charges that turn best-buy loans into expensive mistakes

Yahoo looks at the research from Amigo Loans which reveals the hidden charges behind the headline loan rates from banks and how a loan from Amigo with a ‘true’ APR, may be a healthier option.

Fresh Business Thinking

Fresh Business Thinking, 22 Oct 2012 - Lack of lending down to banks

In a piece which looks at the demise of lending from UK banks to consumers, James Benamor, CEO of Amigo Loans, reminds banks why they were formed in the first place; to allow good people to borrow and repay money.


MSN, 05 Sep 2012 - One in five 'give up on dream job'

Amigo Loans research reveals young people are giving up on dream jobs or hopes of being an entrepreneur because they can’t access the money they need.

Financial Reporter

Financial Reporter, 24 Jul 2012 - James Benamor, Managing Director of Amigo Loans

An interview with Amigo Loans CEO James Benamor who talks about the growth of the guarantor loan market and Amigo Loans’ innovative approach.

International Business Times

International Business Times, 16 Jul 2012 - Jimmy Carr 'More Trustworthy' than George Osborne

Amigo Loans looks at who people trust most when it comes to money, with family and friends coming out top.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph, 12 Jul 2012 - Payday loans could cost you a mortgage

A news piece that warns consumers on the dangers payday loans can have on credit ratings and obtaining mortgages, with comment from James Benamor urging people to look at the alternatives.


lovemoney, 10 Jul 2012 - Say no to Mr Superloan – the better ways to borrow

LoveMoney highlights the dangers of doorstep lenders and recommends altenative options, citing Amigo Loans as a good way of borrowing money, even if you have a poor credit history.

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