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Start Small, start bad: Why it's good to suck when you start a business

Startups, 10 Dec 2013

When I started my first company, I was a teenager with a full-time job that I couldn’t afford to give up and about £100 in cash. Advertising in the paper was too expensive so I printed up leaflets and went door-to-door delivering them early in the morning.

I did everything myself; from designing the logo, answering the phone, to setting up our first little database – and I sucked horribly at all of it. The first three products I tried failed and it was two years before I hit on something that people actually wanted.

During all that time, though, I didn’t lose anything more than my time and I learnt more about our customers than any big marketing agency has been able to tell me since. Most importantly I didn’t treat those failures as my ‘one big chance’. I had as many chances as I made for myself and because I didn’t bet big (with my time or my money), failure was cheap.

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