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The 3 digits that define your life - 10 financial transactions you probably DON'T know you're being credit checked for

The Mirror, 23 Nov 2016

Our credit scores have become the defining factor of our financial lives, and we're not just talking applying for a mortgage, personal loan or a car on finance - it can even control whether you own a mobile phone or not.

New research has uncovered how thousands of Brits across the UK are completely unaware that they are being judged when it comes to overdraft extensions, paying household bills, and even renting a flat.

And this extends to monthly insurance premium instalments, monthly direct debits and monthly electricity direct debits – with more than half of the population admitting that they weren't aware big brother was checking out their trustworthiness, according to Amigo Loans.

More seriously, one in five people aren't aware that they’re credit checked when applying for a mortgage, meaning they may not only be declined but they could actually damage their credit score, making finding a mortgage acceptance even harder - and more expensive.

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