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How does Recommend a Friend work?

If you want to recommend a friend, we will give you a special link. If your friend uses this link to take out a loan, we could pay you 10% (up to a maximum of £500) of the amount your friend borrowed. If you are an existing Amigo customer and have outstanding payments on your account or the account you stand guarantor for, we will use the money to help clear the arrears.

We would pay you half the Recommend a Friend money after your friend has made their first monthly payment, and the other half after they’ve made their third.

It’s really important that your friend uses your link to apply. If they don’t use the link, we have no way of proving they've been recommended and unfortunately that means we can’t pay you any money.

To recommend a friend, just go to our recommend a friend page and enter your email address and mobile number, then click on ‘Get my link’.

Send the link to any of your friends who might need an Amigo loan. You can send it to as many people as you want, through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and text, but you can only claim five Recommend a Friend bonuses.

If you want to see the small print you can read our terms & conditions.