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If I recommend a friend, how will I get my money?

If your friend uses your unique Recommend a Friend link to take out a loan, we could pay you 10% (up to a maximum of £500) of the amount your friend borrowed.

After your friend’s loan has been paid out and you're a current customer with us, we'll use the bank details we have for you to pay out your bonus. If we don't have your details and you aren't a customer with us, we'll ask your friend to provide this information and be in touch with you.

We would pay you half the money after your friend has made their first monthly payment on time, and the other half after they’ve made their third.

For example:

You recommend Joe and he takes out a loan of £5000.

Providing the first and third payments are made, you would be eligible for a Recommend a Friend bonus of £500.

After Joe has made his first monthly payment, we would pay you £250. After Joe has made his third monthly payment, we would pay you the remaining £250.

If you want to know more about how it all works, please read our terms & conditions.

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