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What is a commission charged by your broker?

If you found Amigo Loans through a loan broker, they might have charged a commission fee for their service (even if you didn't take out a loan with us).

Some brokers charge their fee as a debit card payment before you get your loan, some brokers add a commission fee to your loan and some do both.

If they took a payment from you via debit card and you wish to dispute it, then you will need to speak to them directly. If your broker fee was added to your starting loan balance, it will be detailed in your Credit Agreement.

If a broker charges a commission fee, Amigo would not receive any of this, as the broker would receive the full amount. If you need to know more about fees you have incurred, you should contact the broker who introduced you to Amigo. If you are not sure who this was, please get in touch with us on 01202 629 161 (9am-7pm Mon-Thurs; 9am-6pm Fri; 9am-1pm Sat) and we should be able to tell you.