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What is a top up?

A top up loan is a way of customers with an existing loan borrowing more money from Amigo.

You don't need to have cleared the balance of your original loan, because we would use the top up loan to settle the outstanding balance, and pay out the difference. However, you can't have more than one loan at once.

Example of how a top up works:

You can apply for a top up loan using either the same guarantor or a completely new one, as long as they are aged 18-75, haven’t had trouble paying their bills in the past, and can afford to make the monthly payments if you don't.

Before you borrow more money from us, we'll need to go through our eligibility checks with you and your guarantor, then check that you can both afford the new loan.

To check our top up criteria, click here.

To see if you are currently eligible to apply to top up your loan, log into your account.

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