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What is the process of getting a loan?

It is quick and easy to get a guarantor loan from Amigo!

First, the borrower fills out and e-signs our five minute application form. Once they are accepted, they are given a link to give to their guarantor, who will use it to complete and sign their bit of the online application.

The borrower and guarantor are also asked to fill in a simple, online form saying how much money they have coming in and how much they spend each month. This helps us make sure that both people can comfortably afford the monthly repayments on the loan.

Then, we have a quick chat with both people to confirm the details and make sure they understand their responsibilities. We aim to pay out all loans within 24 hours of the guarantor being accepted and the money is paid into the guarantor’s bank account for the guarantor to transfer to the borrower.

Representative 49.9% APR (variable)

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