Why be an Amigo Guarantor?

We're glad you asked.

Being a guarantor is a great thing. You get to help your friend or family member in so many ways you may have not even expected. Let us break it down for you.

takes minutes to complete an application

Second chances

We believe everyone deserves a second chance when it comes to their credit. We help those who have thin or poor credit files, who may have been turned down by their banks, with the money they need. With your backing, we can offer that second chance.

We never charge fees

Building their future

We also want to help make their financial future better. Therefore, for every payment they make on time and in full, we'll let all three major Credit Reference Agencies know, which could help build their credit.

We've even won awards for our credit building and so much more

  • Consumer Credit Award

    Consumer Credit Award 2019

    Best Guarantor Loan Provider



    Best Credit Builder Product

  • Best Companies

    Best Companies 2019

    2 star 'outstanding' accreditation

  • Business Excellence Awards

    Business Excellence Awards 2019

    Excellence in Financial Technology

  • Credit Excellence Awards

    Credit Excellence Awards 2018

    Alternative Lender of the year - Finalist

  • Consumer Credit Awards

    Consumer Credit Awards 2018

    Treating Customers Fairly Champion

How we size up

When comparing us to other lenders, we think we size up pretty well. Having a guarantor on the loan allows us to offer affordable loans to those who can't access credit from a bank, with absolutely no fees or charges. We're one of the next best options.

*We're also completely regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority*

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Still not convinced?

We'll let our guarantors do the talking

  • "Amigo Loans helped me when I needed it most, with a relative as my guarantor, they lent me enough money to pay off my debt and give me peace of mind. Thank you!"

    Feb 2019

  • "I am the guarantor. I have been kept fully informed at all stages of the process and am quite impressed with the customer service."

    Feb 2019

  • "Everything explained brilliantly and nothing hidden in small print. Kept up to date from start to finish. Highly recommend!!!"

    Jan 2019

Want to know if you fit the bill?

Being a guarantor is pretty simple. We don't have a crazy criteria, however you do need to meet the following:

takes minutes to complete an application

You'll need to be between the ages of 18-75.

We never charge fees

We're more likely to accept you if you own your own home. If not, you'll need to have a strong credit history.

We spread the cost over affordable monthly repayments

You'll need to be happy to pay if for any reason you are needed to. This means, we'll just need to double check you can afford the monthly repayments, as we wouldn't want to leave you short if you did need to pay.
Read more about our process here.