Our New Business Scheme became effective on 26th May 2022. Go to www.amigoscheme.co.uk for more information.

Fraudsters have recently been using the Amigo name to scam consumers. These fraudsters are not linked to Amigo. Please be aware that we would never ask for money before paying out a loan. Amigo Loans are not involved with Amazon, or the hosting of cryptocurrency or stock trading platforms. The company only has offices in Bournemouth, UK and NOT New York, Asia, Europe, Africa and North America as the fraudsters are claiming. Please click to see more here.

Amigo is no longer lending

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to secure the capital, through the capital raise we were undertaking to fund our new business (RewardRate). Due to this we’ve decided to move into an orderly wind down of the business over a period of around 12 months. Whilst this is sad news for everyone working at Amigo, this doesn’t impact or change the loan agreements customers have with us in any way. The below still applies:

  • All outstanding loans remain subject to the existing payment terms agreed with Amigo. Customers should continue to make payments in the usual way.
  • Our call centre remains open to customers for continued support. All payment methods and support facilities remain available to customers.

This website will be used to provide customers with information. It will be refreshed when further updates become available.

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