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Amigo Loans is serious in our commitment to protecting you and any data that we collect about you. On this page, you will find information about how and why we use cookies to improve the services we provide.

By using the Amigo Loans website on any device, you agree that this Cookie Policy applies to that use, in addition to any other terms and conditions that apply.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your browser as you surf the web.

Cookies contain a string of unique code that acts as a label. When a website sees the string of text it set in a cookie, it knows the browser is one it has seen before. They do not contain software programs, cannot install anything on a computer, or contain any information that would identify a person.

If you use a different computer, open a new web browser or delete your cookies, the website will treat you as if you have arrived for the first time (and new cookies will be set).

You can find out more about cookies by visiting

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are useful for things such as remembering your preferences and improving your online experience. Cookies help us understand what customers like to look at on our site. This information does not allow us to identify any particular customer, but helps us to understand our customers' needs and improve our service to you.

There are several types of cookies that serve different functions on the Amigo Loans website. The table below shows all of the cookies that might be set when you visit our site and why we use them.

Cookie NamePurpose
AmigoCookiesAcceptedThis cookie is set so that we don't show you the Cookie Policy every time you visit the website.
AmigoProductThis cookie keeps track of the type of guarantor loan you are shopping for.
AmigoReferrerThis cookie helps us track if you came to Amigo Loans through a loan broker.
AMIGOWEBANALYTICSThis cookie enables the use of our internal analytics software, which enables us to measure the success of specific marketing trials and improve the customer experience.
These cookies enable the function of Google Analytics, software we use to analyse visitor information in order to improve the website. These cookies record information such as browser usage, new visitor numbers and response to marketing activity.
_gaexpGoogle Optimize is a website A/B testing tool, provided by Google, Inc. Google sets this cookie to determine a user's inclusion in a website experiment - this does not record any personally identifiable information. We perform these experiments to improve the performance and usability of our website. Learn more about Google Optimize cookies.
These cookies help track our paid search traffic, which enables us to analyse what our customers are searching for when they arrive at Amigo Loans.
These cookies are for DoubleClick, an advertising business owned by Google, which we use to track conversions on the website.
fullcssTo improve the performance of our website, this cookie checks whether scripts have already been cached by your browser.
frThis cookie comes from Facebook and allows us to display marketing on Facebook to customers that have previously visited our website.
__adal_caThis cookie comes from Adalyser. Adalyser allows us to track who visits our website after seeing an advertisement on TV and which creative they saw.
__adal_cwThis cookie also comes from Adalyser. It allows us to see if a customer has made an application after seeing one of our TV advertisements.
__adal_idThis is also another cookie that comes from Adalyer. This allows us to recognise which device a customer is using when coming to our website after seeing a TV advertisement.
These cookies are set once you complete our date of birth validation when following a bespoke application link. The cookies allow you to continue with the application without further validation being required.

One of the services we use which sets cookies on our website is called Hotjar. Hotjar tells us how people are using our website so that we can improve the experience for you and other users, including by monitoring mouse movements and key strokes (but not where you are inputting personal information), and may also ask you on our behalf to provide feedback to us. Hotjar is not intended to collect any information that could identify you and aggregates all data collected. Information about the cookies that the Hotjar service sets can be found here (under the heading "Cookies set by the hotjar script"):

Further information about how Hotjar operates can be found here: (see the "End Users" section).

If you wish, you can disable Hotjar when you visit our website. Please follow this link to do so:

All data collected by Amigo Loans' cookies is anonymous and will never contain your name, address, telephone number, email address or payment details.

You can delete your cookies at any time. For more information, please visit All About Cookies.