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A Wedding Day is all about the Bride... Literally!

We’ve all heard the term "Bridezilla" and it seems for most women this term is true.

We surveyed 500 married couples who wed within the last two years to find out who controls the wedding budget and where the money is spent.

57% of women admitted that they took control of planning their big day, with majority of men (2/3) happy for their brides to take the reins when it came to planning.

Women, didn’t seem overly concerned about keeping an eye on the budget. Maybe this is the reason - as our results show 50% of the total wedding budget was spent directly on the bride rather than the groom - £2000 on average. It seems the big day is indeed all about the Bride.

A Wedding Day Is All About The Bride... Literally - Amigo Guarantor Loans

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