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SIM Only vs Contract Calculator - Work out the Cheapest Deal

In the market for a new smartphone? The tariffs and options can be daunting, when you are trying to find the best deal. If you are looking to save money, how do you know which of these two common purchase models is for you?

  1. Buy the handset outright and pair it with a SIM Only deal. You pay for the phone up-front, but have the freedom to choose a wide range of SIM Only or pay-as-you-go deals, often at a relatively low monthly cost.
  2. Sign up to a phone contract. Your data plan is likely to cost more every month, but the smartphone is included as part of the deal. In some cases, you can contribute towards the cost of the handset up front, for a lower monthly fee.

Luckily, help is at hand. Choose your handset and compare the deals on offer, with our SIM Only vs. Contract Calculator.

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