Guarantor Loans

Borrow £2,000 - £10,000 with a guarantor

Representative 49.9% APR (variable)

Representative Example: Borrowing £4000 over 36 months, repaying £195.16 per month, total repayable £7025.76. Interest rate 49.9% (variable). Subject to status.

We're Amigo Loans, and we happen to be the UK's leader in guarantor loans. If you're looking for a straightforward, hassle-free loan from a trusted direct lender, then you've come to the right place.

You can borrow between £2,000 - £10,000 with a guarantor loan. No fees, just one affordable monthly payment.

Simple, right?

Why choose Amigo Loans?

No fees & no charges

Trusted lender

One affordable monthly payment

What is a guarantor loan?

Unlike a lot of modern lenders, we believe that if a friend or family member trusts you to make loan repayments, then we can too. Being a guarantor lender allows us to help you even if you don't have the best credit score, as long as you can afford the monthly repayments and have a guarantor on the loan. So in a nutshell, this trust-based lending is what guarantor loans are all about.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone who agrees to back up your guarantor loan and steps in to make repayments if you don't. Guarantors are usually friends or family members as these are the people who know you best.

Your guarantor for your loan needs to be aged between 23 and 75, with a good credit history. As it will be your guarantor's responsibility to make any monthly loan repayments you do not, we'll need to make sure they can afford it. This means, we'll only approve someone as a guarantor if they have enough money to cover the monthly repayments of the loan, should they need to, as well as live their normal lives.

A Guide to Guarantor Loans

Who can be a guarantor?

A guarantor for a loan should be someone who knows you really well and is someone you're happy to talk about your finances with. Being a guarantor for a loan is a big commitment and it's important you both understand and are comfortable with what's expected of you when you agree to take out the loan. Family and friends are the best choices, but anyone could be your guarantor; it's about finding someone who is happy to help you out.

Finding the ideal person to be a guarantor for a loan is easier than you may think – just make sure it's someone who meets the following criteria:

Aged 23-75

UK homeowner or have good credit

Happy to pay if you don't

When thinking of who to be your guarantor, we'd always recommend asking the people you know who are homeowners first. This is simply because homeowner guarantors have a better chance of being accepted.

If you don't know anyone who is a homeowner, don't worry as we also accept non-homeowner guarantors. So if you know anyone who is good at paying their bills on time, then it's likely they'll have good credit and could make the perfect guarantor for a loan. If you need help with asking someone to be your guarantor, here's Natalie with her top tips.

How does the guarantor loan process work?

We know that your time is precious, and that's why our guarantor loan application takes only five minutes to complete. All you need to do is tell us:

1Loan amount and term

Choose an amount up to £10,000 over a period of up to 5 years that suits your budget.

2Your personal details

We'd need to know a few details about you to know who you are and if you're eligible.

3Your affordability

We take affordability seriously at Amigo, so we'd need to go through all of your income and outgoings to make sure you can afford the loan.

4Repayment details

We need to know which bank account you'd like the monthly repayments to come out of and when.

5Your chosen guarantor

Let us know who you'd like your guarantor to be.

Our aim is to create the smoothest and quickest process possible to receive your guarantor loan. Once both you and your guarantor have completed the guarantor loan application, we'll need to check you both understand your responsibilities and can afford the repayments.

If your guarantor loan application has been successful, we pay the loan into your guarantor's account for fraud protection reasons. It's then your guarantor's responsibility to give the money to you.

Once the loan has been paid out, we'll keep both you and your guarantor up-to-date with statements by post (unless you tell us not to). You're also able to see the balance online 24/7 by logging into your online account. Don't worry, we'll send your guarantor a log in link personally.

Will you credit check my guarantor?

We run a soft credit check on your guarantor once they have signed their Credit Agreement to check that they haven't had any problems paying bills in the past. Don't worry, this won't leave a mark on their credit report that any other lenders will be able to see and will not impact their credit score.

Sometimes a guarantor is not accepted for a variety of reasons, we'll let you know if they've been accepted or not. If we aren't able to approve your first choice it doesn't mean we can't help you. You can apply to us with as many guarantors as you need to and we will always try our best to give you the support to find someone suitable. So when you're applying, we recommend having a back-up guarantor in mind, just in case the first guarantor is not suitable.

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