Press room

17 June 2019

Amigo Holdings PLC Statement Ahead Of Panorama Broadcast

09 April 2018

10 Million Brits Risking Financial Future

01 January 2018

Credit Fear Grips UK

01 December 2017

Brits Put Their Credit At Risk

03 May 2017

Amigo Holdings Limited Announces £50 Million Senior Secured Notes Tap Offering

20 February 2017

Amigo Loans response to Citizens Advice report on guarantor loans

20 January 2017

Amigo Loans Announces Closing of £275M High Yield Bond

17 January 2017

Amigo Loans Confirms £275M High Yield Bond

13 January 2017

Amigo Holdings Limited Announces £275 Million Senior Secured Notes Offering

10 January 2017

Amigo Holdings Limited Announces £250 Million Senior Secured Notes Offering

24 November 2016

The things you never knew you were credit checked for | Amigo Loans

01 September 2016

The Strategy of Buying a Car | Amigo Loans

18 August 2016

A Wedding Day Is All About The Bride... Literally | Amigo Loans

13 July 2016

Life Lessons & Pearls of Wisdom | Amigo Loans

24 June 2016

The Hidden Price Hike of Your Big Day [Infographic] | Amigo Loans

23 June 2016

Amigo Loans: Mid-Year Update

09 June 2016

The True Cost of Friendship [Infographic] | Amigo Loans

25 May 2016

Brits left in the dark over credit checks

18 March 2016

Amigo Loans extends Financial Firepower ahead of full FCA Authorisation

16 January 2016

Over one million business owners left out in the cold by lenders

12 December 2015

Brits hit by over a billion pounds worth of hidden fees a year

07 December 2015

Agony Aunt Nation: Brits dish out over 6,000 hours of life guidance

21 October 2015

New Chairman and CEO for Amigo Loans

26 January 2015

Amigo Loans CEO to step down

01 July 2014

Banking Blind - Borrowers in the dark over the real cost of bank loans

24 June 2014

Borrowers seek divine intervention as 11 million would turn to a church credit union

31 March 2014

Borrower backlash against social media spies

06 March 2014

Payday lenders expected me to me to pay back eight times my monthly disposable income

10 February 2014

Microbusinesses lose faith in banks - over a million resort to payday loans as an alternative

13 December 2013

Payday Mayday - New cap will encourage borrowing according to research from Amigo Loans

18 November 2013

Amigo Loans warn against disguised payday loans

15 October 2013

Comments from James Benamor, CEO at Amigo Loans on charter to stop payday loan rip-off

03 October 2013

James Benamor from Amigo Loans responds to new payday loan regulations

27 August 2013

Britain in credit crisis: 12 Million Brits have been refused bank credit

17 July 2013

Amigo loans shortlisted for 'Growth Business of the Year' award

15 July 2013

Growth prospects a pipe dream for a fifth of micro-businesses

18 June 2013

Amigo Loans Comments On Civitas Report On Credit Unions

12 June 2013

EU Tackles Payday Lenders As The Uk Drags Its Feet

03 June 2013

Best Foot Forward – 9 Million Parents Want To Help Kids Stand On Their Own Two Feet

28 May 2013

Amigo Loans Comments On Citizens Advice Report Findings

13 May 2013

Amigo Loans Comments On Lord Young’s Report – Four In Five Micro Businesses Aren’t Aware Of Funding Options Available

30 April 2013

Aspiring entrepreneurs have dreams halted by funding woes | Amigo Loans

26 April 2013

Will the extension of Funding for Lending improve access to finance for UK business

24 April 2013

Amigo Loans Comments On Extension To Funding For Lending Scheme

11 March 2013

Banks Slam Their Doors On 37 Million UK Entrepreneurs

22 January 2013

Amigo Loans wins Personal Finance Innovation Award

08 January 2013

Pay And Dont Display

05 September 2012

Young unemployed give up on pursuing dream career

24 July 2012

Payday loans force the hand of unemployed

20 July 2012

Britons have more trust in Jimmy Carr than the Chancellor of the Exchequer

18 July 2012

Payday loans are the hit and run of financial products