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The Hidden Price Hike of Your Big Day

We all know the cost of a wedding can add up. From finding the perfect venue to catering for all your guests - planning a wedding takes heaps of time and savings! However, did you know you could be paying a "wedding tax" when booking your big day?

We recently went undercover contacting 24 venues and 72 suppliers across the UK to enquire about booking both a wedding and a party for 80 people with the exact same requirements. Our research revealed just how much "wedding tax " is added on. Surprisingly, a simple change in what you require a venue for can save you an average of 37%. It doesn’t stop at just venues either; wedding packages, catering, drinks and table decoration suppliers all revealed price hikes too when booking as a wedding.

See the full findings below, which also offers useful tips and tricks on how to cut the costs of your wedding day, such as by booking it mid-week or using a budget tracker to keep track of your total spend.

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