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The Strategy of Buying a Car

Men see themselves as car experts, but when it comes to the crunch they are more likely than women to buy a banger

  • 5 times as many men as women say they are so confident in their abilities that they will happily go it alone when buying a car
  • 70% of women consult their partner or family member compared to only 45% of men
  • Men are half as likely to bring their partners along to help them decide, yet twice as likely to consult a friend
  • Yet despite all of this, men are actually more likely to buy a car with issues that has cost them a lot in repairs

When it comes to buying a car – men and women do indeed do it quite differently, new research reveals. The survey results of 2000 men and women showed that there were clear differences in between the sexes in the decision making process of buying a car.

It seems men are generally quicker to make up their mind about buying a car, with 42% of men taking 10 days or less – half as long as women, who like to take their time and wait for 21 days or more on average before making a purchase.

After finding their new set of wheels, men will literally drive for miles to get it, with 15% admitting to travelling over 50 miles compared to just 10% of women.

Men are also the bigger spenders when it comes to four wheels, with males twice as likely as women to spend over £20,000 on a new car. However the most common budget for both sexes is £10-15K.

When going to view a car, five times as many men as women feel so confident about buying that they are happy to view the vehicle alone without the need for a second opinion.

But if they do take a companion along for the ride, men are half as likely to bring their partners as women, yet twice as likely to bring a friend instead.

When it comes to bartering, 1 in 4 women do not feel comfortable negotiating on price, in comparison to a massive 86% of men. Despite all of this, men’s confidence may be misplaced. Survey results show that they are actually slightly the more likely sex to buy a car which ends up costing them more in the long run with repairs!

Whilst there are clear differences in the way men and women approach buying a new car, there are aspects which they do agree on. One of the most important factors to both is reliability, with 70% of men and 69% of women agreeing this was a key selling point when shopping around. Both sexes were also unanimous on the importance of budgets, with 1 in 5 men and women agreeing that this was central to their decision.

Kelly Davies, spokesperson, from Amigo Loans comments: "The girls have got it right when it comes to buying a car. It clearly pays to involve friends and family in the decision, which we'd agree is true for any financial commitment!"

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