Recommend a Friend

All good things should be shared


When you tell your friends about Amigo, you could get 10% (up to £500) of the amount your friend borrowed. Good deal, huh?

So how does it all work?


To recommend a friend, you'll need to log in to your Amigo account so we make your unique link to share.


You'll need to send your friend your unique link and they'll then need to apply for their loan using your link.


Once their loan has been paid out and they've made their first payment, we'll give you half of your recommended friend bonus. Then, once they've made their third payment, we'll give you the other half. Simple.

You can recommend as many friends as you'd like, shout it from the rooftops if you want. But, you can only claim 5 recommend a friend bonuses.

To get your unique link please log into your Amigo account.

Yes, you either need to have a current or previous loan with Amigo to receive the Recommend a Friend bonus. It doesn’t matter whether you borrowed from Amigo or guaranteed an Amigo loan (we don’t have favourites). However, if your details are deleted or you haven’t been a customer of ours in the last 7 years, we won’t have proof that you were an Amigo customer. This means we wouldn’t be able to send you the Recommend a Friend bonus. Please bear in mind that if you are currently, or have been, employed by Amigo Loans you will not be eligible to apply for the Recommend a Friend bonus.

When you recommend a friend to Amigo, you could get 10% (up to £500) of the amount your friend borrowed. For example, if they borrowed £3,000, you would receive £300. We’ll send this across to you in two payments once your friend has made a few of their repayments. If you have outstanding payments on your account, the bonus will be used to help clear these payments.

We’ll send you half of the bonus once your friend has made their first payment on time and the other half once they’ve made their second and third payment on time. To receive the bonus, your friend will need to make their first three repayments on time and in full. As a previous customer, we should be able to send you the bonus without needing any further details. But if you need to update your details, you’ll need to let us know.

You can only claim five bonuses from Recommending a Friend. You can tell as many people about Amigo as you want, but we can only reward you five times.

If the loan is cancelled before the first payment, you won’t receive the Recommend a Friend bonus. If your friend makes their first payment, you’ll receive the first half of your bonus.

We’ll automatically transfer half the money to your bank account once your friend’s first payment clears, and the second half after the third payment. Just bear in mind, a payment can take a number of days to clear. Remember, if you have any outstanding payments on your account, we’ll use the money to help clear the arrears. This also applies if you are a guarantor on the account and it has been agreed to collect payments from you. Your friend will also have needed to use the Recommend a Friend link to apply for their loan, and they’ll have needed to make their repayments on time in order for you to be eligible.

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