Wedding Loans for Bad Credit

Weddings can be costly. You’ve got to consider the gorgeous wedding venue, all the delicious food and drink, a wedding photographer to capture memories to treasure, the flower arrangements, a stunning dress for the bride and her shoes... the list goes on.

We understand that planning for your perfect day is expensive - the cost of a wedding package in the UK averages around £9,100 based on our study of The Hidden Price Hike of Your Wedding; it’s a lot of money to consider when you’re budgeting for your big day.

You might also find that you’re turned down by banks for a wedding loan if you’ve got a poor credit history. That’s where we come in - Amigo Loans can help you and your partner budget for your special day with a wedding loan, especially if you have bad credit. We receive more than 3,000 applications for wedding loans every month, helping our customers cover some of the costs of their weddings.

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What can I use a wedding loan for?

The costs for a wedding can often be huge, and even a budget wedding can cost thousands, but you could use a wedding loan from Amigo to cover some of the costs of your perfect day.

Let’s take a look at some of the average costs your wedding loan could be used for:

Wedding Venue

The perfect wedding venue is key to making your special day a success. It’s also one of the more expensive costs to consider. The venue could take a large chunk of your wedding loan, and this cost could be more if your wedding venue and reception take place at different locations. Top tip: You could save £££’s by having your ceremony and reception at the same venue, especially if you choose a weekday or an out of season weekend. Saturdays are the most expensive day of the week to get married.


Are your friends and family joining you for your wedding day? Remember, you have to feed them, too! The meals and wine for the table won’t come cheap, with catering suppliers often hiking costs for weddings. You could use your Amigo wedding loan to cover some of these catering costs. Top tip: Watch out for the hidden costs of meal tasting included in your wedding quote, as this can add an average of £35 each to your wedding bill. If the venue allows it, you could also get your guests to bring their own booze - that’ll really cut your costs.

Wedding Photographer

A good wedding photographer has the skills and expertise to capture amazing photos of you and your loved ones. This, however, doesn’t come cheap. Wedding photography is definitely a ‘get-what- you-pay- for’ business. Try to avoid choosing a rookie photographer or a family member with a fancy looking camera; you’ll only get this opportunity once. Top tip: Follow some of your favourite photographers on Instagram or Pinterest. Make a selection of photos you’d like your photographer to replicate for you - not only does this give the photographer a better idea of what you like, but you’re bound to be thrilled with the finished photos when they’re completed. Some photographers will also offer photo booths as part of their wedding packages - these are great fun and a way for you to capture special pictures of you and your guests without getting them to pose formally.


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A stunning selection of flowers will help everything ‘pop’ on your wedding day and complement the dress and the bridesmaids perfectly. Floral arrangements can be expensive, so consider using some of your wedding loan to help cover the costs! Top tip: Theme your flowers with your wedding venue. You’ll find that flowers that complement or contrast your wedding venue will stand out a lot more. You could also ask your florist for their recommendations - chances are they’ve provided flowers for your wedding venue in the past.


Have you dreamed of a live band to help you dance the night away? Or maybe a classic disco is more your flavour? The evening will be your time to unwind, relax and have fun with all your guests - getting the music right will make for a night to remember. Top tip: Make sure to provide your band or DJ with a list of your favourite songs to slot into the evening. You may also want to consider giving them a separate list of songs you dislike, too. You should also consider booking your favourite band or DJ early - you don’t want to be disappointed if they’re already booked to play somewhere else.


Arguably one of the key components for an unforgettable wedding day is the wedding dress. Take advantage of your wedding loan to cover the costs of her dream dress. Top tip: Save some money by purchasing a dress from a mass retailer, then use those savings to get some custom tailoring to make the dress truly individual.


Whether you decide to go for the most extravagant and elegant cake or maybe even a cake made from the finest cheeses, a wedding cake is another cost to factor in to your budget. Top tip: Consider purchasing a small wedding cake for you to cut for the photos and to enjoy yourselves whilst getting a cheaper sheet or tray cake of the same flavour to feed your guests.

Groom’s Outfit

He has to look dapper, too. And don’t forget, he might also have to kit out the grooms-men with suits and shoes. Top tip: Pick inexpensive suits that your grooms-men can also use for normal dress, like around the office, dinner parties, etc. This means that that their suits won’t only get used once and then banished to the back of the wardrobe. You could also just ask them to wear a matching bow-tie if you wanted to save your money for another part of the wedding.

Wedding Rings

Arguably, one of the most important costs to factor in to your wedding budget will be the rings. Unfortunately, these rings can also cost a pretty penny if you decide you want gold, precious stones or something a bit different. Maybe you could cover the cost of your rings with your wedding loan? Top tip: Consider buying your wedding rings used. Obviously this has to be a joint decision, but you could potentially make a huge saving on your wedding costs by buying a pre-owned ring.


What’s a wedding without a honeymoon?! Time to relax, escape and start married life together. Borneo, Mexico or perhaps a local getaway in Devon… Sounds great, doesn’t it? Whichever takes your fancy, your wedding loan could be used to cover the costs of your honeymoon. Top tip: Websites like Travel Zoo and Jack’s Flight Club could save you hundreds on the cost of your accommodation and flights. Shop around to find the best deals.

We’ve only scratched the surface with some of the costs that might be included in your wedding. If you’d like to read more about the cost of weddings, check out our articles about spotting the Wedding Tax and find out who spends more Bride vs. Groom on our Amigo Blog.

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Wedding Loans from Amigo

An Amigo loan for a wedding is a way to borrow an affordable amount for 1-5 years with realistic monthly repayments. If you need to borrow money for a wedding, you could borrow up to £10,000 with Amigo.

All you need is a guarantor - someone who trusts you and knows you - who can step in and is happy to make repayments for the wedding loan if you don’t.

Our simple online application only takes minutes to complete and you could have your money within 24 hours.